Laura's Christmas Star
video special 2006
based on the books by Klaus Baumgart
On the way to their winter cottage the car of Laura and her family is stuck in a snow storm. The family is accommodated by an old man in his barn, at the edge of the forest. At the precise moment when Laura is in dire need of her star, this one makes its appearance conjuring up a wonderful winter prodigy of innumerable ice stars. Being in a magical mood, the children, Laura and her brother Tommy, also are finding an answer to their urgent request for the right Father Christmas. Together with the old man, whom they believe to be Father Christmas, Laura's star and Olaf the reindeer, the children are travelling on Christmas Eve in a sledge up to the sky, leaving far behind the forest, the city… and the want for Christmas presents. Whilst giving away crystalline ice stars, Tommy completely forgot about his Christmas presents.
Rolf Giesen
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Piet De Rycker
Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Piet De Rycker
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Animation Director
Piet De Rycker
Henning Lohner
Brit Gülland
Sandro Iannotta
Heinz Ostermann
Heinrich Schafmeister
Celine Vogt
Ilya Welter
Johanna Reder
© 2006 Rothkirch Cartoon-Film, ZDF Tivi, ZDF Enterprises
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