Laura’s Star and the Dream Monsters
Feature film 2011, duration 62 min.
based on the books by Klaus Baumgart
Laura is rudely roused from her sleep by the agitated cries of her little brother Tommy. Dream monsters have stolen his “protect-me-dog”. How are they supposed to get him back? Luckily Laura’s Star comes to their aid. His stardust makes Tommy’s bed lift off the ground and this is the beginning of an exciting journey for the children. They fly towards the colorful dreamland where the dream monsters live in an underground labyrinth. As they are afraid of light there is nothing they fear more than the children’s protector: Laura’s Star. A big adventure lies ahead of Tommy, Laura and her Star.
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Sabine Mädel
Rolf Giesen
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Klaus Baumgart
Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Animation Director
Elena Miroglio
Alberto Campos
Gabor Steisinger
Art Direction
Alexander Lindner
Matthias Lechner
Direction Background
Magdalena Sorgenlos
3D Supervisor
Roman Trojanowski
Jacek Szaratkiewicz
Michael Best
Olaf Meyer
Nils Roscher
Assistant to Director
Valerio Nervi
Erik Stappenbeck
Henning Lohner
Oliver Kalkofe
Desiree Nick
Ralf Schmitz
Bernhard Hoecker
Markus Maria Profitlich
Maddin Schneider
Annabel Wolf
Sandro Iannotta
© 2011 Rothkirch Cartoon-Film
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