Laura's Star And The Mysterious Dragon Nian
Feature film 2009, duration 74 min.
based on the books by Klaus Baumgart
Laura gets the chance to fly to China with her family because her mother is supposed to give a concert along with Chinese musicians. Laura is quite excited. Fortunately, her best friend little star is accompanying her but gets lost during the flight. Ling-Ling, a Chinese girl, finds him and picks him up. The star does not only bring the two girls together, his stardust also brings a being to life without even noticing it. The being befriends the girls quite fast, it is the mysterious dragon Nian. While Laura's mother is on stage, the girls experience their greatest adventure with Nian…
Piet de Rycker
Rolf Giesen
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Alexander Lindner
Klaus Baumgart
Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Piet de Rycker
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Animation Director
Alberto Campos
Kris Van Alphen
Guy Cuyvers
Henning Lohner
Frank Federsel
Lang Lang
Dizi, Ethnic Instruments
Georg Grazer
Jan Vogler
Zhou Hui
Art Direction
Alexander Lindner
Ralph Niemeyer
3D Supervisor
Jacek Szaratkiewicz
Michael Best
Roman Trojanowski
Background Supervisor
Magdalena Sorgenlos-Chrzanowska
Duna Dietzsche
Erik Stappenbeck
Dirk Bach
Annabel Wolf
Mariann Schneider
Sandro Iannotta
Britt Güland
Heinrich Schafmeister
Gregor Höppner
Title Song
Orchesterversion "Du bist vom selben Stern" Annette Humpe
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