Little Dodo
TV series 2006, 26x5 min.
based on the books by Hans de Beer and Serena Ceccerini-de Beer
Dodo, the violin playing Orang boy, and his friend, the little rhino girl Patna, keep finding new, unknown props in the cave of the old Orang-Utan Darwin - props they use to explore the environment of the rain forest. Since they don't usually know the meaning of these props, they have to have a lot of fantasy, be inventive and improvise in order to solve a problem. It's always the sensitive, emotional Dodo who settles disputes if someone feels offended or excluded from the community. That's how new friendships with animals are made: an elephant who is afraid of a mouse; a proboscis monkey who is ashamed of his oversized nose; frogs who love to sing, as well as a fearful tarsier or a little dog who gets lost in the rain forest. And step by step, Dodo fulfils his biggest dream of putting together a jungle band.
Michael Mädel
Bert Schrickel
Sabine Rossmann
Rolf Giesen
Rosangela de Araujo
Kaja el Attar
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Animation Director
Gabor Steisinger
Henning Lohner
Mario Adorf
Rick Kavanian
Leander Wolf
Annabel Wolf u.a.
© 2006 Rothkirch Cartoon-Film,
WDR, MaBo und Leonhard Graf Rothkirch
Anifest International Festival of Animated Films | Tschechien 2008
Cartoons on the Bay | Italien 2008
Leeds Children & Young People Film Festival | GB 2008
Animacor | Spanien 2008
SILVER WORLD MEDAL New York Festivals | USA 2007
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