Little Dodo
Feature film 2008, duration 79 min.
based on the books by Hans De Beer and Serena Romanelli
Dodo, the little orang-utan, lives in the depths of the green rainforest. He loves all the different sounds and noises and can imitate nearly every one of them: from splashing drops of water to chirping cicadas. One day, he finds a violin, a 'thingamabob', as Darwin the 'wise' old ape calls it. This thingamabob makes such a terrible noise that it even scares off the much-feared tiger. When the river dries out and the animals start to suffer under the great drought, Dodo discovers the greatest secret his music contains...
Michael Mädel
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Rolf Giesen
Alberto Campos
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Art Direction
Man Arenas
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Thilo Graf Rothkirch
Animation Director
Kris Van Alphen
Alberto Campos
Henning Lohner
Mario Adorf
Lena Beyerling
Sandro Iannotta
Rick Kavanian
Ulrike Lau
Kordula Leiße
Frauke Poolman
Celine Vogt
Volker Wolf u.a.
Title Song
No Angels
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Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
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Sprockets | Toronto International Film Festival for Children | Canada 2009
Chicago International Children's Film Festival | USA 2008
Stiftung Goldener Spatz | Erfurt/Gera 2008
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